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Grilling on an open flame

Are you inspired by the recent wave of restaurants boasting of their their wood-fired cooking?
We take the grill game to the next level.

Our unique five-step order status tracking system lets you see exactly what the deal is with your food at any given time… because you’re hungry, darn it!

Meat From Chief

Trio Meat Lovers

Three skewers of meat lamb, beef, chicken.

California Cheese Burger

Angus beef, lettuce, fresh guacamole with pico de gallo, and shredded cheddar cheese.

Double Steak Cheese Burger

Served with double cheese, onions, tomato, lettuce, mayo and ketchup.

Best Foods to Cook Over a Fire

Make the open flame your best friend


Tomatoes wrinkle beautifully over an open flame. Cooked tomatoes are better for you, too, because the heat releases lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. You don't have to eat them plain either; roasted tomatoes are delicious in a number of campfire meals, especially when smothered over pasta.


Perhaps pineapple isn't considered a campfire food—yet—but heat caramelizes this exotic fruit making it a delicious addition to many meals.


A potato makes for hearty campfire food, and is loved by many. This low-maintenance ingredient can be served with almost any protein, at breakfast or dinner.

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Open Fire Tips For Novice Cookers

To keep in mind before you begin

Get Started

1. Gather everything before you start cooking. Otherwise, the food will burn while you’re searching for a tool or ingredient.

2. Start hot to prevent food from sticking. How hot is hot? You should only be able to hold your hand 5 inches above the cooking grate for 2 seconds. If you can do so for 3 to 4 seconds, you have a medium-hot grill. Any longer and the grill isn’t ready.

3. Keep the grill clean. Burn off the leftovers from your last cookout while heating the grill and brush the grates thoroughly. Debris will make the food stick and give it a burnt or flinty flavor.

4. Always oil the grates before cooking. This is especially crucial when a recipe doesn’t specify oiling the food; it not only keeps your food from sticking but also makes cleanup easier.

5. Use baking soda, salt or sand—not water—to control a grease fire. Solids will absorb the grease and smother the fire; water will splatter the grease, causing the fire to spread.

Amazing Author


Munir Ashraf Quraishi
Executive Chef / Owner at Sun Fire Food

Munir arrived in Albania in 2014 bringing with him a deep history and heritage of southern food and cooking. Marcus is classically trained graduating from culinary school, but draws his inspiration from past memories, travels, and experiences. Upon arriving he immediately knew that Sun Fire Food was the place he wanted to be.


I am honored to tell ALL about you and your company!!! It is a no brainer to give kudos to you because your food and services is a gem of a find for my family!!!


Leah Blackburn

I have been ordering from Sun Fire Food for approximately 5 weeks now. You unique chef skills have opened my mind to all types of meat. Everything has been excellent.


Harvey Burrows

If you are single and hate trying to cook meals for one, no matter how much you enjoy the act of cooking, Sun Fire Food is the way to go!


James Collier

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Grilling on an open flame.

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